The Business of Winning. Supported by The Motorsport Industry Association

Whoever said Motorsport was an "old boys club" should have been in the room for our "Business of Winning event" - we had more women than men, and they asked the most challenging and insightful questions.  However, our magnificent panel was prepared for everything and anything.  They were engaging, instructive, but most of all, inspiring.

We examined the tremendous success of British engineering and know-how to underpin Motorsport in general, but we were not afraid to take a critical look at how Motorsport needs to adapt and evolve to connect with a potential new generation of fans.

A very fast moving session covered from diversity and inclusion, to collaboration and autocratic leadership, and still had the time to peer into the future.

Huge thanks to a formidable panel; Helene Speight, Chris Aylett, Matt Bishop, and our very own Professor Chris Brady.

If we ever needed living proof that the Business of Winning requires great leadership, we had that proved on the night.

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Thank you for making this panel session available on video for the international audience, and for promoting it on Twitter. Many of us in the United States follow UK's Motorsport industry and UK's Premier League. You are indeed inspired leaders.

Rex Cruse Tuesday 14th of July 2015

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