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The Future of Employment

A long, positive and critical look at the future of work with the impact of robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, lack of jobs, people living longer and having to work for longer. Can it be turned into something positive to our benefit? Join us livestream or in the studio 31st January 2019

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Are Your Employees Invisible?

Oh what a night! Helene Speight and Steph Wicken rocked the night away. They were authentic, honest and hard hitting whilst being well informed and wonderfully self-effacing. Steph is at the start of what we all felt will be a hugely successful career – she’s 24 and...

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The Power of Recognition

Our panellists, Kate Bishop, Matt Norbury, David McLeod and Chris Brady were all on top form at The Power of Recognition evening. The evening began with a setting of the context of why recognition was so important and vital to employees today, and it became clear that whilst recognition for individuals by the business or organisation was important, having an authentic (and spontaneous) recognition from switched on line managers was where the real benefits lay.

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What Are You Great At?

It was a very full house, in fact many were standing at the back.  This was the opportunity to better understand the answer to the question that all our attendees were searching for – “what are you great at”? Sally Bibb, Peter van Nieuwburg (True Talent Team) and...

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South Africa 2020

What does the future hold for Africa's most advanced nation? 25 April 2018, 6-9pm - London Venue and broadcast live on Facebook Our panel were generous, extremely well-informed and challenged each other all evening. There was no issue too small and no challenge too...

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Young Gifted and Blocked

We had a full house and a top quality audience for our much awaited Young, Gifted and Blocked event this week. There were many who were there to raise their own awareness and better understand the causes of this penalising educational disadvantage to many young...

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