It was a very full house, in fact many were standing at the back.  This was the opportunity to better understand the answer to the question that all our attendees were searching for – “what are you great at”?

Sally Bibb, Peter van Nieuwburg (True Talent Team) and Professor Chris Brady did not let anyone down.  They gave great examples, touching and emotional stories and a tangible confidence that everyone in the room had at least one outstanding strength.

The first question of the evening could not have summed up the Strength Based Revolution better.  Austin, an experienced consultant with Deloittes, shared all the things he was so good at, with much humility, he also shared what he was not brilliant at – and that’s writing.  This sharing of vulnerabilities, is what the best Leaders do so well.

Within a flash, most of the room has stepped forward to offer their help and support.  The atmosphere was so collaborative and so supportive, that in an instant it was obvious that we were experiencing Collaboration as the New Leadership.

This set the tone for the rest of the evening, every limitation has it corollary strength, when you have chosen the team based on the collective of strengths of the individuals covering all bases.

Those receiving the streaming on Facebook live were fully part of this experience.

You can now view the event, part one and part two on Facebook live below.

Part 1 (Panel Discussion):

(note that the sound at the beginning isn’t great but keep listening, as it does get fixed)

Part 2 (Q&A):

The panel was outstanding and our live audience matched them to make for an exceptional Inspired Leaders Network evening.